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Our Story

About Us

In 2021, we visited Superior, Colorado by the leading of the Holy Spirit and fell in love with the people and the community. Two months later, the state's largest wildfire swept through the town - burning 500 homes within Superior and leaving many without a single belonging left to their name. Some of our friends lost their homes in the fire. Our hearts began to break for the community and God began confirming that He wanted us to come and bring restoration to this Colorado town that doesn't have any other churches. On December 27th, 2022, we made the move from Texas to Superior so that, by God's grace, we could start Coal Creek Church - a church that exists to bring the gospel hope and gospel healing of Jesus Christ.  Our name - Coal Creek Church - honors the history of Superior - a Town founded by a man who discovered the most "superior coal" in Colorado - right there in the Coal Creek. The name also honors the legacy of two churches that once existed in Superior in the 1940's - both on Coal Creek Drive. So, our prayer is for God's favor to establish a lasting church that will love God deeply, love people widely, and make a lasting impact in the community for generations to come. 


The Broady's

Justin and Cherish have been married for nearly 9 years. Together they have four children - Lacee - 17, Brayleigh - 7, Beckham - 5, and Lincoln - 1. Because Justin is Canadian, he feels like the move from Texas to Colorado was like his heart finally finding home. He even became a Bronco's fan in the process. If Justin is not with family, then he will be at the gym, meeting someone new over a meal, working on his recruiting company, catching a mountain view, or organizing a man's night. Although Cherish is a Texas native, nature is where she feels at home, so if she has some free time, she is probably somewhere on the trails and getting a friend to join her in the fun. She enjoys the work of homeschooling the kids and running an accounting business on the side. Together they share a passion for authentic ministry that helps people where they are discover Christ, community, and calling. For questions or ministry engagement, feel welcome to contact us at or

Our Partners

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