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Helping each other Follow jesus #HeFj


In 2021, we visited Superior, Colorado on the way to Boulder, but by the leading of the Holy Spirit, stopped in Superior and fell in love with the community. Two months later, the state's largest wildfire swept through Boulder County - destroying homes in Superior and surrounding cities while leaving many without a single belonging left to their name. Some of our friends lost their homes in the fire. Our hearts began to break for the community and God began confirming that He wanted us to come and bring restoration to this Colorado town. Once we found out that Superior is the largest city in the US without a church, we knew that God was doing something in this place. On December 27th, 2022, we made the move from Texas to Superior so that, by God's grace, we could start Coal Creek Church - a church that exists to bring the gospel hope and gospel healing of Jesus Christ.  Our name - Coal Creek Church - honors the history of Superior - a Town founded by a man who discovered the most "superior coal" in Colorado - right there in the Coal Creek. The name also honors the legacy of two churches that once existed in Superior in the 1940's - both on Coal Creek Drive. So, our prayer is for God's favor to establish a lasting church that will love God deeply, love people widely, and make a lasting impact in the community for generations to come. 


Justin and Cherish have been married for nearly 9 years. They both have a broken past, but God is slowly putting them back together.  They have four children - Lacee - 17, Brayleigh - 7, Beckham - 5, and Lincoln - 1. They prioritize family over ministry, and believe that a healthy ministry flows from a healthy family.

Justin is serving as the Church Planter and Lead Pastor of Coal Creek Church. He earned a BA in Communication, an MBA in Strategic Leadership, and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Prior to serving in vocational ministry, Justin started and led a recruiting company that he still owns today. Once he was called into ministry, he became an Associate Pastor for two years in Dallas, TX. While there, he discerned the call to church planting, and then was led to serve at Crosspoint Community Church in partnership with The Village Church to complete an 18 month church planting residency that would prepare him and Cherish for the work of staring Coal Creek Church in Superior, Colorado. He has a strong passion to preach the Gospel in a way that people can see who God really is, and also lead men, encourage people, and plant churches. His favorite thing to do in Colorado is to enjoy a Sabbath with the family, organize a man's night, play golf, or catch a mountain view.

Cherish is serving as the Executive Minister of Coal Creek Church, which includes overseeing ministry operations, administration, finance, and general ministry including women's ministry. She has spent the last 10 years in accounting and currently runs her own business when she is not serving in ministry, raising children, hanging out with ladies, or playing on the trails. Prior to starting Coal Creek Church, she served as a Women's Ministry Leader and Recovery Ministry Leader. She's passionate about women's ministry, recovery, children's education, and adoption ministry. Her favorite thing to do in Colorado is go hiking or camping in the mountains with the family (on a warm and sunny day)! 


Ryan Lewis - Crosspoint Community Church

David Griffin - Community Life Church

Ky Martin - Crosspoint Community Church

Trevor Joy - The Village Church

We are praying for more leaders to join us in this work. We trust that God will build a great team for His church. Without great people, great vision is irrelevant.

Our Partners

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  • To see a movement of people coming to know God's love, follow Jesus, and get baptized.

  • To see an authentic community of disciples being themselves and becoming like Christ. 

  • To see the Holy Spirit lead and draw people from all backgrounds and beliefs into God's work. 

  • To see Superior and the surrounding cities experience restoration and renewal. 

  • To see leaders equipped and empowered for the Kingdom of God in their daily lives. 

  • To see a movement of Jesus followers devoted to helping others learn to follow Jesus. #HPFJ





We are a Christ-Centered Authentic Community Led by the Spirit to Love the City and Equip Leaders who are devoted to Helping Each Other Follow Jesus #HEFJ


Christ-Centered (the whole Bible)

Authentic Community (Heb. 10:24-25)

Led by the Spirit (Rom 8:14)

Love the City (Jer. 29:7)

Equip Leaders (Eph. 4:11-12)

Devotion to #HEFJ (Rom 15:20)

2 Timothy 1:13 Hold on to the pattern of wholesome teaching you learned from me—a pattern shaped by the faith and love that you have in Christ Jesus.

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